Innisfil senior surprised with property maintenance order

There might have been some mould or mildew on the awnings of Ann Aikins’ Sandy Cove Acres home, but it didn’t bother her.

The 80-year-old resident has lived in the park for more than 20 years and was surprised to get a letter from the Parkbridge/Sandy Cove property manager recently.

“I’m sick and tired of all the damn letters,” Aikins said at her home.

She doesn’t check her mail regularly and opened this letter Oct. 5.

“I received this threat,” she said.

The letter said during a recent property inspection, Aikins’ home wasn’t in compliance with the community’s property standards.

She was asked to power wash the exterior of her home so it was free of dirt and debris, including the canopies. Failure to comply could result in further action, which could lead to the termination of her tenancy, the letter stated.

However, the letter does also say if Aikins cannot complete the work herself, management would make alternate arrangements.

Aikins said her husband Bryn died 15 years ago and she has had health issues that leave her unable to walk or stand for long periods of time.

“No other neighbours have complained about getting a similar letter,” Aikins said.

Once Aikins’ caregiver Sabine Gillis found out about the notice, she raised the issue on social media.

“My first reaction was (Sandy Cove staff) knows she’s in poor health, there’s no way she could’ve done the work on her own,” Gillis said.

Within hours of posting the complaint, Gillis had an offer of help from Carlo Fusco.

“I was very surprised. He went and did it (the next day),” Gillis said.

And Aikins added he refused to accept any payment for his work.

“I’m sad it came to this, but I’m just glad it was done,” Gillis said.

When asked about the letter, Parkbridge spokesperson Laurie Stephens said she couldn’t comment on specific tenants.

“Parkbridge partners with its homeowners to ensure that our communities are maintained to a high standard,” Stephens said. “This ensures that the homeowner’s investment is protected and property values are maintained.”

She added the property standards aren’t listed on the Parkbridge website.

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