Unwelcome items causing delays in Orillia’s bulky-item collection

Residents are being reminded to refrain from placing small items curbside during the city’s bulky-item collection program.

Crews are experiencing delays because many residents are setting out small items that do not qualify for the program, including bags of garbage, glass, garden hoses, small children’s toys, building materials, cardboard boxes of small items, paint, pails, propane tanks and storage containers.

Acceptable bulky items are larger than one-metre in length and/or 23 kilograms in weight.

In many cases, smaller items have been placed on top of the acceptable bulky items, leading to collection delays.

Oversized items that cannot be reasonably lifted by two individuals, such as basketball stands, will not be collected, the city added.

All bulky items will not be collected at the same time, as more than one truck will be used to ensure recyclable items are diverted from the landfill and not mixed with garbage.

Items cannot be added throughout the week.

All uncollected items must be removed from the curb by June 30 at 11 a.m.

Treasure hunters are permitted to remove bulky items set out for collection provided they only take from the curbside.


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