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Bayview Public School in Midland ‘energizes’ battery collection

“Schools across the province are talking about your school and how well they did in this challenge,” said Sarah Lacharity of the Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge, referring to Bayview Public School in Midland.

Lacharity was at Bayview on June 12 presenting their third-place award in the project, in which 125 schools participated, and a cheque for $3,487 for school initiatives.

“We were blown away by your school in its first year,” she said.

With a mere 340 students, Bayview Public School in Midland collected a whooping 10,038 kg of single-use batteries.

Across the province, 2.5 million batteries were collected, the equivalent weight of 10 elephants, said Lacharity, who works for the project sponsor Raw Materials Company.

Since 2014, students have collected more than 5.5 million batteries diverting harmful chemicals and reusable materials from landfills.

“One hundred per cent of materials will be put back into the market for reuse. Nothing will go to landfill,” she said.

Teacher Shannon Dunn who led the project said it was quickly adopted by school members who scoured drawers across Midland for dead batteries.

“It was a really positive thing for the school community. It was great for the environment. It’s become something that the students are very excited for,” Dunn said.


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